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Spacious, airy rooms, books neatly arranged in shelves, comfortable seating, and most helpful Librarians to guide through thousands of titles – that’s how one find the Libraries in South Point School and South Point High School.
South Point School

The School Library houses a collection of nearly 21,000 volumes, most of which students can borrow. Classes I to V are free to take a book home for a week. There are several reference books, including encyclopaedias, encyclopaedic dictionaries and informative picture books. Children can enjoy the comics and cartoon books at the Library itself. Library hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Plus, we have classroom collections for children in Classes I, II and III from where they can borrow books.

South Point runs in two sessions - Morning and Afternoon - from Monday to Friday.

South Point School Library
South Point High School
For senior students we keep magazines, newspapers, subject and general reference titles as well as help-books for competitive examinations which they can borrow or browse through. Internet facilities and educational CDs are also available at High School. Students are expected to follow a few rules for Library use:
South Point High School Library
  Library Membership Cards are issued to students at the beginning of a session which they must return before the Annual Examination or in case of leaving School. Duplicate Library Cards will be issued on payment of Rs. 10 at the Fees Counter. Library Cards are non-transferable.
  No one is allowed to enter the Library without a valid Card (with a photograph attached).
  A member must bring the loss of the Card to the Librarian’s notice immediately.
  A book issued must be returned within the date stamped on the date label. It may be renewed if there is no other demand for it.
  Before entering the Library, personal things such as bags, portfolios, attache cases or books not meant for the Library, must be kept outside.
  Access to the Reference Section is allowed only with the Librarian’s permission and a valid Card.
  Members must check the condition of a book before borrowing it. A torn/damaged book must be brought to the Librarian’s notice immediately. If borrowers are held responsible for the loss, damage, defacement or mutilation of books, they will have to compensate the Library in a manner to be determined by the Librarian.
  The Library is the place for study only. Books returned late and misuse of the Library may result in temporary or permanent withdrawal of Library privileges.
  Users must maintain silence inside the Library. They must observe the basic principles of Library ethics and follow the discipline enforced by the Librarian.
  Library rules may be altered/ amended and new rules added periodically.