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Rules and Regulations
  South Point School
  The following rules are required to be strictly adhered to :
Pupils must attend the School regularly and punctually. Late-comers will normally be sent back home.
A clean and neat uniform must be worn at all times. Pupils in dirty or untidy uniforms may not be allowed to attend classes. Pupils of Classes II to V must wear the Karate uniform on the days they have PT/ Karate.
Students are not allowed to attend when ailing or suffering from an infectious disease.
Pupils are not allowed to attend School when sick and/or suffering from an infectious disease. Any pupil found appearing for a class work/test with an infectious disease will have his/her class work/test cancelled.
Pupils must complete their home work regularly.
Pupils are required to address their teachers and all other members of teaching & non-teaching staff with due respect and politeness. They are expected to behave always in a proper manner, befitting the dignity of the School.
No student is allowed to leave the School premises earlier than the scheduled leaving hours.
Pupils who do not use the School bus will be allowed to leave only with their guardians or escorts, on production of their identity cards. No pupil will be allowed to leave alone. However, a guardian or escort is allowed to collect a miximum of three pupils.
No pupil will be allowed to leave the School premises earlier than the School leaving hours.
No book, periodical or newspaper of any objectionable nature shall be brought to School.
Pupils are not permitted to wear watches or gold jewellery and to carry with them any expensive objects to School.
Any change in the pupil’s profile, including change of address, phone no. etc. should immediately be informed in writing. For change in address, the application must be signed by both parents/guardians.
Pupils are to bring their own tiffin or obtain it from the Canteen in permissible cases.
No programme or party is to be arranged in the School without prior permission of the authorities.
It is not possible for the School personnel to deliver individual articles (water bottle, tiffin box, sweater, etc.) to the classroom of the concerned pupil if for any reason he/she has forgotten to bring it. Kindly ensure that the student is carrying the required articles.
Girls must wear only BLACK rubber bands or hair bands. Use of no other colour will be allowed.
Plastic waterbottles without straps and metallic water bottles (now available in the market) are not allowed.
  Pupils belonging to the Junior age groups require to be handled with considerable tact and patience. In South Point, friendly advice and admonitions coupled with firmness, take the place of corporal punishment.
  Guardians are to note that :
Special emphasis is given to inculcate a high degree of discipline amongst the pupils. Any kind of disobedience or objectionable behavior may result in the removal of a pupil from the School.
Strict action may be taken if School property, including library books, is wilfully damaged or destroyed. In such cases, a heavy fine may also be imposed.
Use of unfair means in any test / exam will result in the annulment of one’s entire term result. A pupil, who renders unfair assistance to another, will be equally liable for punishement.
A friendly attitude is to be maintained with the classmates. Strict disciplinary action, like suspension, may be taken against any pupil who fights with other pupils and causes injury to them. Pupils injurious to the moral tone of the School may have to be withdrawn.
Guardians are requested not to permit their wards to be absent from the School except for illness or other equally valid reasons.
Plastic waterbottles without straps are not allowed.
Pupils, absent from School, must produce a letter and an entry in the Regularity Record of their School Diary by their guardians explaining the cause of absence.
A formal letter,accompained by a medical certificate is necessary in case of sickness for over three days. If there be an appointment with a doctor, the pupil must not be sent to the School on that day.
Pupils afflicted by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases must complete the QUARANTINE PERIOD of 15 days before rejoining School. A medical fitness certificate by the attending physician must be handed over to the class teacher at the time of rejoining the classes.
A friendly attitude is to be maintained with classmates. Strict disciplinary action, such as suspension, may be taken against any pupil who fights with other pupils and causes injury to them. Pupils injurious to the moral tone of the School may have to be withdrawn.
All leave applications, addressed to the Principal, clearly stating the name of the pupil, class, section and session, should be deposited at the Reception desk.
Irregular and insufficient attendance may prevent promotion. Minimum attendance must be 80% of the number of School days.
Wilful absenteeism before any test / exam without grant of leave is strictly discouraged as the absentees miss valuable revision lessons and helpful suggestions, entirely to their disadvantage. Thus such pupils may be debarred from taking the respective examination.
In case of ailment during Block Tests the guardians are to see the Principal (during visiting hours only) with the leave applications and necessary medical certificates etc.
  Private tuitions do not always help the child to develop into a better student as it induces a sense of lethargy in the child’s study habits. In particular, we discourage the practice of private tuitions imparted by teachers of our School to our pupils, as it may at times generate an unhealthy atmosphere. The Code of Conduct applicable to teachers of affiliated schools issued by the State Government, bars any sort of private tuition.

Conforming to the directives of the government and in continuation of our internal policies, we declare that private tuition by the teachers of South Point School/ South Point High School is not allowed at all from the Academic Session, 2011. We hope to achieve the minimum academic standard required for all our pupils during the school hours.

However, we also understand that all pupils do not possess the same acumen and thus, special personalised guidance may be required by a few. In such cases guardians can always take the help of the existing Special Classes arranged in school which are specially designed for such children. These classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

  Special classes for pupils, considered to be in need of extra coaching, are held in the School premises. Such classes are taken, usually twice a week, by the teachers of the School. Interested guardians may contact the School Reception desk for details.
  South Point High School
» Rules of Conduct and Discipline
Rules of Conduct and Discipline
The affairs of the School shall be so conducted as to promote self-discipline leading to decent behaviour, to maintain a high moral tone in the institution and to preserve the good traditions of the School.
The observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour shall be a precondition to a student's continuance in the School. In the event of serious breach of discipline like resorting to unfair means, bullying, stealing, lying or writing obscenities by a student and if the Principal is convinced that the student’s stay in School may be detrimental to its general tenor and discipline, she may take any suitable action she deems fit. A student may not be promoted to the next class if he/she is reported against during and after an examination and proven guilty.
Students must not remain absent without satisfactory reasons. In every case, a letter from the parent/guardian must be submitted on the day the pupil rejoins. In cases of absence on medical grounds for more than three days, the letter should be supported by a medical certificate and a certificate of fitness. Reported absence without satisfactory reasons will be construed as a breach of discipline. Irregular/insufficient attendance may result in retention in a class even if pass marks are secured in all subjects. Students may not be allowed to sit for the Annual Exams if their attendance falls below 80%. If a pupil is short of the desired percentage, a written permission must be sought from the Principal/ Vice-Principal before taking an examination.
Punctuality in reporting to School is a must. No student will be allowed to enter the School once classes have started.
Wearing the prescribed uniform is compulsory both in School and while representing School at any inter-school programme at a different venue.
Students cannot attend School if unwell or suffering from an infectious disease.
Teachers and all members of the staff are to be shown respect at all times. Students are expected to behave in a proper and polite manner, befitting the dignity of the School. Misconduct and disrespect towards any staff-member may result in serious disciplinary action.
No pupil can leave School before classes are over, unless permitted by the authorities against a written request from the guardian. Such permission, however, will be given very sparingly.
Pupils are not allowed to bring expensive objects to School.
Transaction of money among students is strictly prohibited. Collection of any kind is not permitted without prior written permission of the Principal/ Vice-Principal.
Students cannot bring or use mobile phones in School. If found, these will be confiscated and the student suspended.
Damage done to School property by a student should be made good by his/her guardian.
Every Pointer is responsible for keeping the School premises spick and span. If a student spots litter in the classroom or elsewhere in School he/she should put it in the waste-paper basket.
Every Pointer is responsible for keeping the School premises spick and span. If a student spots litter in the classroom or elsewhere in School he/she should put it in the waste-paper basket.
The conduct of students, both during classes and recess, is under observation.
Guardians are expected to assist the School in the following ways:
» Pupils should be encouraged to study on their own at home and participate in various co-curricular activities of School.
» Students must bring School Diaries to class every day and guardians should check these at home.
» Students must attend the special classes organised by the School in right earnest.
» Guardians must ensure that students come to School in proper uniform, procured from authorised outlets against coupons issued by the School on deposit of prices.
» Students must be guided at home to realise and appreciate the importance of discipline and good conduct in School.
» Clean and healthy habits should be inculcated in them.
» Students afflicted by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases at homes must complete the Quarantine Period of 15 days before rejoining School. This should be indicated in the medical certificate.
» Guardians are not permitted to meet teachers in class. If they are keen to discuss their wards’ progress they must meet teachers only with the prior permission of the Principal/ Vice-Principal.
» Any change in address/ telephone number must immediately be notified to the School Office in writing.
» Every Pointer has a unique I.D. number. Guardians should use it in all communications with School and familiarise students with its uses. k) Pupils are shown their Half-Yearly and Annual answerscripts so that they may discern and rectify their mistakes and attempt to rectify them. Parents/guardians must escort their wards home on these specific days. The overall performance of the student determines his/her promotion to the next higher class.