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RUCHIRA []Saturday, August 22, 2009 10:23:46 AM
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INDRAYUDH []Sunday, August 23, 2009 10:49:02 AM
Actually, this is where ppl ask u questions. I shall start off with THE ALL POWERFUL QUESTIONAIRE OF DOOOOOOOOM!!!!!
001. What’s your given name?

002. Do you have a middle name?

003. What’s your last name?

004. Do you got a nickname?

005. Age?

006. Gender?

007. Date of birth?

008. Zodiac sign?

009. Where do you live?

010. Do you have a girlfriend/ boyfriend?

011. What’s his/ her name?

012. Have you ever been in love? Tell the name.

013. What’s your favorite color?

014. Are you pierced?

015. What’s your favorite song?

016. Do you have any tattoos or wanna get any?

017. If yes, what kind of and which bodypart(s)?

018. Where do you shop?

019. Your hair color?

020. Your eye color?

021. Your body height?

022. Have you ever tried any drugs?

023. Do you smoke?

024. Which label?

025. What kind of music you like?

026. Who are your best friends (RL)?

027. Who are your best friends (online)?

028. If you’re a girl, what kind of Make-Up do you use?

029. What kind of shampoo you use?

030. How long is your hair?

031. Do you like shopping?

032. Where do you go to for advice?

033. What’s your pet?

034. What are you doing for having some fun?

035. How many phones you have at home?

036. How many televisions does your home have?

037. What’s your favourite food?

038. Which celebrity do you look like?

039. What’s your weekend like?

040. What’s your way to sleep?

041. Do you have stuffed animals?

042. Do you sleep in total darkness or with a little light?

043. What is your favorite TV show?

044. What kind of perfume do you wear?

045. Do you have your own telephone?

046. What’s your number?

047. Did you ever do something stupid? Tell about!

048. What kind of clothes do you wear when you’re asleep?

049. Label of your shoes?

050. What is your favorite (soft) drink?

051. What kind of words do you use the most?

052. What kind of personality are you?

053. What’s your favorite car?

054. Do you like my questions?

055. What’s the ugliest person you know?

056. Are you famous?

057. What’s your most embarrassing experience?

058. If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?

059. Do you want to get married?

060. Place?

061. Do you pray?

062. Is the glass half empty or half full?

063. Are you right or left handed?

064. Which word best describes your personality?

065. Would you ever cheat on your partner?

066. What’s the best name for a girl/boy?

067. Lucky number:

068. What would you change about yourself, if you could?

069. Did you ever try to kill yourself?

070. What’s your favorite restaurant?

071. What do you hate the most?

072. What’s the most horrible name known to you?

073. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

074. How old are they? What’s their name?

075. Do they look nice?

076. What do you first notice about a boy/girl?

077. Do you have any addictions?

078. Do you like juwels?

079. Who would you like to be?

080. Does boys or girls have it easier?

081. How much taller or smaller would you like to be? Or are you happy to get high heels?

082. Do you like to dance?

083. Do you like to party?

084. Do you like to play tricks on people?

085. If yes, tell about!

086. What is you’re favorite school subject?

087. Who’s the funniest person you know?

088. What time is it now?

089. Do you want to go to college?

090. What do you want to study?

091. What’s the name of the school you attend?

095. Is it nice there?

096. Do you like video games?

097. What’s your favorite video game?

098. Dou you get enough sleep?

099. Are you a day or night person?

100. Can you define love?

101. How often do you take a shower?

102. Do you get along with your parents?

103. Did you ever lie to your parents?

104. Tell why!

105. Do you believe in destiny?

106. What do you want to be?

107. Have you ever had a flight?

108. How did it feel?

109. How many rooms do you have in your house/ apartment?

110. Do you like to flirt?

111. Do you curse a lot?

112. Have you ever thought you had to die?

113. Tell about!

114. Have you ever had (or thought you had) a paranormal experience?

115. The best feeling:

116. What is your favorite flower?

117. What does your room look like?

118. Do you follow a religion?

119. How would you describe yourself as a person?

120. Do you believe in reincarnation?

121. Do you believe in black magic?

122. Did you ever try it?

123. Do you believe that there is one person made just for you?

124. Do you believe in love at first sight?

125. What color is your toothbrush?

126. How often do you brush your teeth?

127. Growing up, who was your favorite cartoon characters?

128. Do you have a job?

129. What’s your favorite fruit?

130. What’s your favorite vegetable?

131. What’s your favorite sweets?

132. What was the best day of your life?

133. Tell why!

134. Do you play a musical instrument?

135. Do you use deodorant?

136. What deodorant you use?

137. Who’s the cutest girl around?

138. Who’s the cutest boy around?

139. Who’s the cutest, famous person?

140. Do you wear nail polish at the moment?

141. Color?

142. How many rings/ bracelets you wear?

143. What’s your favorite toothpaste?

144. Are you tired?

145. Do you have scars?

146. Did you ever cry because of a girl (if you’re male) or boy (if you’re female)?

147. Do you like lollipops?

148. What are you thinking about right now?

149. Don’t look!!! What kind of underwear you’re wearing at the moment?

150. Who makes you laugh?

151. Who’s your favorite schoolteacher?

152. Do you have a driver license?

153. How many pillows do you have on your bed?

154. What’s the weirdest/ worst nightmare you ever had?

155. Will you tell me any of your secrets?
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BAISAKHI []Tuesday, September 8, 2009 8:36:03 AM
Oh My God Indrayudh!!! u wrote 155 questions??

anyway, my answers:

001. Baisakhi

002. No

003. Chatterjee

004. yuo...lots actually. mumpy, bai, titly etc

005. 14

006. La Femelle

007. 02/05/95

008. Taurus

009. umm...kolkata?

010. Nope...still single

011. X

012. Nope....never

013. tie between black & pink

014. jus ears

015. changes 4m day 2 day....currently 'lonliness knows be by name - WestLife

016. no to both

017. hmmm.....

018. pantaloons, westside, big bazaar, gariahat, vardaan etc etc

019. black

020. black

021. body height? if u mean jus height, its 5.1 ft

022. no

024. didnt get dis 1

025. various - pop, alternative rock, country, soft etc

026. Indrakshi & Rajanya?

027. Rajanya?

028. hardy use it

029. What kind of question is this? Garnier or Dove

030. medium my shoulders

031. its a torture invented y d devil himself to fore us poor mortals into submission so tht he can gain world domination....i ges tht answers my question

032. friend, parent

033. dont hv any :(

034. depends on my mood

035. How many phones you have at home?

036. 3, excluding PC TV

037. Biriyani

038. none..i look like myself. u shud ask which celebrity looks like me

039. again...depends. usualy pretty lazy

040. I am not answering this

041. ya i do

042. litle light...but total darkness doesn't bother me

043. hardly watch TV except for movies

044. again...depends. I use this a lot don't I?

045. ya

046. i'm not telling you

047. i did many many stupid things.
Most recent has to be when i dared one frnd to go talk to a random guy for 1 minute. she said she wudnt & aunted me tht if i wan't i shud do it. and i DID!! Most embarrasin 1 min of my life

048. Not answering

049. not branded

050. 7up

051. kind?

052. my frnds words, " u r very practical, sarcastic & funny"

053. lamborghini reventon. Awesome ride. u shud check it out. link:

054. otherwise wud i be answering them? especially wen i shud be writin an essay?

055. i think tht shud be who. neway, i wont describe ANYONE as ugly.

056. ??

057. already told u

058. infinite number of wishes. Now x3 that =D

059. were u on crack when u wrote this? eventually....yes

060. what place?

061. sometimes

062. neither. its twice the length it's supposed to be

063. right handed?

064. i dunno

065. i like to believe no

066. ppl's opinions vary

067. 2

068. dunno

069. no

070. i prefer take-outs

071. hypocrisy

072. none

073. no.....just cousins

074. cousins: 2 bros, 2 sis. Rahul: 23 Pallavi: 22 Shambo & Gargi:21

075. yes...but plz don't hit on them.

076. depends

077. ya....the net

078. yes

079. myself or God

080. in different circumstances, diff ppl have it easier

081. i wud like to gain at least another 3 inches

082. No

083. ya

084. yup

085. there's nothing to say....maybe l8r

086. hmm.......biology

087. my cousin brother....eldest one

088. 8:24

089. yes...obviouly

090. medicine

091. r u kidding me? SPHS

095. huh?

096. not tht much

097. NFS most wanted

098. i think so

099. night

100. its the most powerful, amazing, yet painful thing it he world

101. not answerin

102. yes

103. no

104. bcoz its wrong to lie

105. i believe we build our own destiny

106. Doctor

107. no :(

108. How shud i kno?

109. 3

110. no

111. no

112.i am asha,ed to admit... sometimes

113. NO

114. no

115. The best feeling?

116. any will do

117. like a room

118. ya i m tht does not mean i am religious

119. see personality question

120. no

121. no...not sice i was 7 & my cousin brother forced me to study black magic theory, took a test & gave me 38 out of 50 even tho evrything was perfect. then he told me thts the hightest!

122. read above

123. yes

124. no..tht i do i hope to be proved wrong

125. red

126. ur seriously askin me dis?

127. tom & jerry

128. Do you have a job?

129. guava

130. potato

131. kaju barfi

132. hard to tell which was best

133. read above

134. no

135. ya

136. depends

137. not answering

138. huh! as if! all d guys around me look like naru-gopals

139. Bradley cooper

140. no

141. N/A

142. none

143. pepsodent

144. yes

145. not noticable

146. nursery 2

147. ya

148. finishing my essay & goin to watch Iron man

149. EXCUSE ME?!!

150. definitely not you

151. dere r some

152. i m 14

153. 5

154. dere was one where i was running from a dinosaur, green one mind, & my mom was trying to get me to eat a sweet

155. no dear

uff, finally over!!

now bye.....i hv to finish my essay
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ABHRAJIT []Friday, September 11, 2009 9:51:29 PM
really Indrayudh, can you please let me know WHO gave you this "TERRIBLE" idea of knowing pals by asking 155 questions?

by the way it's Abhrajit Ray of 8C Aft speaking
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SOUKTIK []Friday, September 11, 2009 11:23:26 PM
it's really common in online-game forums, he just copy-pasted the questions
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SREEMOYEE []Monday, September 21, 2009 5:04:51 AM
okay goes...
8.The greatest Capricorn!!
11.If 10's no,11's also no
12.I have a crush.Its' the One nd only Shahrukh Khan.
17.skipping coz my ans is no
18.evrywere except footpath
21 5 feet
25.all types
ou ,annie,Nilu,Chandi,AAtu
28.all except eye-liner nd mascara
29.sunsilk,head n shoulders,fiama di wells,pantene (mostly da 1st one),garnier
30.NO but want 2 but cant coz i can tie it.
31.Shopping's an integral part of my life.
32.My MUm nd close family members nd frndz
33.dont have a pet. but i wanna hve a dog nd call it pikachu.
34.chatting,reading,gossiping,watching tv.eating
37.all except sabzi
38. dont know
39.sumtimesborin nd sumtimes funnnnnn
41.yeah dakrness wid my granny
but not fashion shows
44. watevr my mum uses
45.have landline
46.none of ur business
48.i dont answer uncivilised questions
49.watver's stylish nd has a reasonable price
51.idiot,shut up,stupid,yaar,bapok,case khawa,ki,chinta bhabna
54.vERY BORING AND TIRING one but i wanna be moment
58.1.i do not lose my loved ones.
2.i get famous for soing good jobs and am successful
3.i get alfetime supply of luchi,alurdom,pithepuli,roshogolaar payesh,chocos,chow and all my fav cuisines.

aaj ke r time nei.ei obdhi thak. bakit anext din korbo. kotto boro re baba!!!!
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PUJON []Thursday, April 8, 2010 8:30:59 AM
Haha, good one by Indrayudh.

Anyway this is Pujon Chakraverty from 10 A afternoon. Just gave my board exams.
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ANGSHUMAN []Monday, April 12, 2010 1:00:58 AM
@ pujon
Madhyalik eo ki Ronaldo scored a big goal likhechis?
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ANGSHUMAN []Monday, April 12, 2010 1:31:24 AM
ill answer parts i like
I want to get a tattoo, on my arms, the logo of SPS on my right and that of my favorite soccer club on my left.
i have 4 GFs, physics chemistry maths and my computer.
i can define love,
when u are more concerned about someone else's happiness more than ur own becoz it is in his or her happiness that u find happiness in, if u have the power to look through the persons imperfections, if every moment without the person seems like hell, if u find the person beautiful and even if the person is drenched in mud, if u still care about the person and think about the persons well being even after a heated argument and have the courage to go up and say "m sorry", then that is love.
my best day in life, well ill take it from a personal and not academical point of view. it was the day i mustered the courage to tell a certain person what i felt about the person.
academically it was the day i saw that i had by gods grace secured a 75% scholarship in a certain education.
me doesnt want to get married. enjoy life as it comes ;).NPI
well i will cry for a girl, the day when my mother dies
that is. :P
ya i did try to kill myself succesfully too, well on MMORPGs that is.
my best online friends live in the USA thailand and karnataka, i dont know where. nicknames r copper, nocturne and santu. be happy with that.
my best friend in RL well, tough one, lets say Boudhayan and mama of 10D
the cutest girl around, now thats a tough one, lets see i think my 17 month old niece is the cutest one.:D saves my face and dignity.
if i was granted three wishes, well id wish for the peaceful coexistence of man and environment, flowering of science and last but not least, that i was not so fat :!
i do curse a lot, but nothing aloud. dont ask my favorite word to curse, not fit for a school forum :D
favorite drink has to be water. one can go without a soft drink but not without water.
i am not a follower of any religion as such.but i do have my beliefs based on certain theories prpagated by Mani Bhowmick.excuse the spelling error if any
yup i tried drugs, digene for my stomach upset. im sure everyone has had it.:D
im the ugliest person i know and the funniest as well.
ya sure ill tell u about my secrets, if u can scout out my email or msn or yahoo or gtalk id, ill be moist happy to talk.
i dont want to go to a college i want to go to a university.
meow thats all the remaining questions are too revealing and i dont wanna embarrass myself on the school forums :p
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ARATRIKA []Sunday, November 28, 2010 9:10:15 AM
I am Aratrika Chatterjee of 7A aft. I will only answer qustion 69...yes, I did..after I read Indrayudhda's questions(or rather, their number)
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RAMYANI []Tuesday, December 28, 2010 1:09:58 AM
Hi. Here I go.....
4.Yes,Roms & Sonu
5. 12
7.16 May, 1998
10.Not yet.
11. X
12. yes.Why should I?
14.Just ears
18.Pantaloons,Big BAZAAR,etc.
19.Brownish black
26.Debosmita, Ushashi
27.I don't chat
28.Nothing except lipgloss (occassionaly)
31.No I hate it.
32.To my dad and mom(seldom)
33.I don't have a pet. But I'd love to have a puppy.
oring.I like school better
40.How do I know.
41.A few.
42.Total darkness.
43.Saurav Ganguly's "Dadagiri Unlimited"-it's the only TV show I watch.
44.I don't.
46.I won't tell you.
47.I must have when I was a baby. But I don't remember.
48.That's nothing to do with you.
49.I don't remember.
51.What is it to do with you?
52.According to family & friends, I am introvert,a bookworm, but friendly,caring,cooperative, positive,helpful& good.But I am beastly to my enemies.
54.They are long but interesting.
55.I don't judge a person by his looks but by his heart.And according to my judgement,it's a boy of our class, Debankit Mondol.
56.No, and neither do I wanna be.
57.The day when I was told to write 100 lines by my teacher.It was embarrassing because it was my 1st punishment.
58. i)I could destroy all my enemies (ii) I wish my loved ones would never die(iii)can't tell!
59.No, at least not before I meet my ideal man.
61.Only when I get into scrapes.
62.It's full.
63.Right handed.
66.What's ur opinion?
68.My snubby nose.
69.No,but I'D LIKE TO TRY.
No more today. I'D answer the rest tomorrow.

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AHANA []Thursday, January 13, 2011 7:28:23 AM
001. ahana roy

002. no

003. roy

004. yeah lots. Buri,bubli(please don't laugh).

005. right now 11

006. female(can't you get an idea from the name)

007. 15th august 1999

008. leo(lion)

009. mandirtala in howrah

010. no way! I am in class 6.

012. no way! I am in class 6.

013. baby pink

015. give me freedom

016. no way! are you crazy.

018. i don't shop

019. plain black as everyone

020. dark brown

021. 5 feet

022. you are certainly crazy

023. i am a girl of class 6. do you expect me to smoke.

025. i don know. all are same to me

026. atreyi sarkar

028. i don use make-up. maybe a little lipstick sometimes.

029. well nowadays i am using l'oreal paris

030. upto my shoulder

031. no

032. to my mom

033. i don't have one

035. 2

036. 1

037. i have many

038. none

039. boring

040. just lie down with a pillow.

041. yeah! a dolphin. mom gave it to me on my 11th b. day.

042. a little light?

043. wizards of waverly place at disney channel

044. the one which is available at home at the present time.

045. no but i wish i had one.

047. once i did in class 2 but i can't ell it openly.

048. the one i wore the whole day.

049. none

050. fruti or slice

051. none of your business

052. well i am a complete mad. you can ask my friends.

054. some are good but some are awful.

055. i guess myself

056. i don think so

057. see the answer in 47

058. that i be happy, good natured and successful in life.

059. obviously but after 25

061. i don't believe in any god nor do i pray.

062. half full

063. right handed.

064. mad

065. if i need it.

066. i don't know

067. well nor do i believe in astrology.

068. nothing. i want to remain what or who i am

069. after answering all these questions i will certainly want to.

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AHANA []Friday, January 14, 2011 5:12:18 AM
070. 6 ballygunge place

071. i guess religions and god

072. nothing

073. yes. 1 brother.

074. he is 15+. souktik.

075. he looks OK.

076. whether he/she is a boy or a girl.

077. computer

078. ya sometimes

079. i want to remain myself

080. i don't know.

081. i wanna be i feet taller. a little bit of heels are OK but not much

082. when the song is good.

083. ya obviously.

084. i play tricks very often.

085. i can't tell about it.

086. science.

087. Mir

088. 6:00pm

089. yes

090. i have not thought about it now.

091.well you know it.

095. it's nice in school.

096. very much

098. more than enough.

099. night

100. no no and no

101. everyday

102. most of the time

103.once or twice i did but afterwards i tell the truth.

104. i'll not!

106. a doctor.

107. thrice


109. three rooms,a kitchen,two bathrooms and a sitting room

110. are you kidding. no way!

111. when i feel angry i do.

112. never

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