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r u a bk lover like me?????
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DEBARCHITA []Sunday, June 6, 2010 3:26:46 AM
hi. guys n girls ,
do u drool on books just like me? if yes answer d following questions s0 that i can know u:
1 what kind of bks do u read?
2 what is yr fav bk?
3 y do u like it?
4 which bk do u hate?
5 why??????
6 who is yr fav author?
7 y do u like him/her?
8 which bk written by him/her is yr fav?
9 y do u like it?
10 do u read only english/bengali bks?
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ARKAPRAVA []Sunday, June 6, 2010 11:45:08 PM
Yeah!!!!!!! i am.
well it took long but here are the answers.
2)Snakeheads by Anthony Horowitz
3)It's suspense
4)Books that do beating around the bush
6)Enid Blyton
7)Her books are really eye catching
8)The Mystery of The Invisible Thief
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PRIYANJANA []Thursday, June 10, 2010 3:48:41 AM
yeah debarchita, i literally do drool over bks...
1)i read all kindsa, bt classics nd thrillers or goth r my favorites
2)loads, bt 2 name a coupl-a)anne of green gables
b)kite runner
c)rebecca by daphne du maurier
3. wel, a cuz i cn identify wid it..b cuz its impossbl nt 2 luv it..nd c cuz its poignant yet thrilling, a rare combo...
5. cn't get d hang of thm
6. L.M montgomery...erich segal...sidney sheldon..
7. montgomery makes me belive in happily ever afters...segal tells me 2 move on wid a smile evn if i dnt find my happy ending..nd sheldon spices lyf up as it is...:)...
8.rilla of ingleside by montgomery, d class by segal nd rage of angels by sheldon..
9. wel, d sme rsn i lyk d rst of their 7)..
10.both...dfinitely...saratchndra nd saradindu r my faves in bngli litrature...
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DEBARCHITA []Saturday, June 26, 2010 3:41:48 AM
priyanjana didi do u have yr 1st lang?????
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ATREYA []Thursday, July 1, 2010 12:27:16 AM
Debacharita...u no wat being a buk lover was the best thing that life cud evr offer me!!!!thrillers of brown uncle..classics o r.tagore in english (banglatai dat boshate pari na)chotobelakar enid blyton..noddy...tintin(amr nick name)...and of course tons of adult buks...but i mean proper adult books..not by that chetan goru(he's a big SHIT!!!).....amitava ghosh...jhumpa aunty...i gues this list is nvr ending....kono sesh nei...i hav my personal library...that's like an everest of buks....luv buks and of course cute nd sweet girls!!
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PRIYANJANA []Thursday, September 2, 2010 11:10:32 AM
na re...i dint...i'v always wntd 2 tk it thts ok...cuz i luv literatr in gnrl...regrdlss of language...'m a scienc stdnt, bt i hope 2 write sumday....wite sumthng tht'll live...
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PRIYANJANA []Thursday, September 2, 2010 11:10:36 AM
na re...i dint...i'v always wntd 2 tk it thts ok...cuz i luv literatr in gnrl...regrdlss of language...'m a scienc stdnt, bt i hope 2 write sumday....write sumthng tht'll live...
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PRIYANJANA []Thursday, September 2, 2010 11:14:47 AM
nd debarchita...u hvn't put up ur own taste in buks...tht's nt done...go on...air ur views...
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DEBARCHITA []Sunday, September 5, 2010 4:35:40 AM
sorry couldnt reply before cuz d computer was playing all sorts of tricks with me!
1 all sorts
2 a recent read~the pastures of heaven. and my name is red.
3 cuz it portrays simple and charming lives of commoners with certain twists to each tale. cuz it has diff. perspectives.
4 i hate cheap thrillers.
5 guess they dont appeal to me.
6 oscar wilde and cecelia ahern... and also christopher paolini.
10 na.i read mostly eng bks.but i do read bengali bks too.

p.s- rebecca was awesome!!!!!
do u read poems????
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DEBARCHITA []Saturday, September 11, 2010 4:38:46 AM
recently i have been hooked 2 poems!my fav. is christabel by s.t coleridge. its amazing!!!!!
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BAISAKHI []Sunday, November 21, 2010 9:07:33 PM
Boooks are my world!!

1 Any kind as long as its fiction, but i have a special spot for vampires in ? :P
2 most recently "Memoirs of a geisha" by Anthony Goldyn or Golden (sumthin lyk dat
3 It gives a romantic, yet tragic tale of pre-world war Japan and some women had 2 face (not by men necessarily, by fate). Butit also shows that women here were given a respect that was absent in most other places. Its awesome. you have 2 read it 2 understand
4 none actually. if i dont lyk a book, i dont bother reading it till the end
5 read above
6 hmm.....Dan Browne, Philipa gregory, Charlaine Harris, Cecilia Ahern, Agatha Christy n loads others
7 Bcoz of the gr8 bks dey write!!
8 Okay, by Phillipa Gregory, it's "The Ohter Boleyn Girl"
9 It gives us fictional, but so realistic image of all the politics that went on King henry VIII's court. You'd be shocked!
10 Honestly, I read only English. I have tried beng bks, bt they jus cnt keep my interest
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RAMYANI []Tuesday, December 21, 2010 12:04:53 AM
Hi.I too loooooooove books.
1.I love all kinds especially classics,mysteries & adventures.
2.lots.FAMOUS 5, SECRET 7 & ALEX RIDER BOOKS by Anthony Horwitz.
3.They are soooo thrilling!
4.same as Baisakhi didi.
5.they are boring to me.
7.Bcoz I like their bks.
8.Blyton's Famous 5 & Alcott's Little Women.
9.Dunno. I just like them.
10.Only english. Bengali s not sooo thrilling.

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SOUKTIK []Monday, January 10, 2011 7:19:33 AM
1 I read almost anything I get...
2 I'm certain that I can't choose one, so I'll name a few: 1984, Animal Farm(Orwell), Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier), The first couple of books in the millennium trilogy(Stieg Larsson), Christie and A.C. Doyle if I'm in the mood for mystery and crime, The Righteous Men and The Chosen One(Sam Bourne), A brief History of Time (S. Hawking), ...
3 Different books, different authors, different reasons.
4 I don't, err, "hate" any book. You can't associate hatred with a book, can you???
5 N/A
6 Again, I can't choose one. I like Stieg Larsson, George Orwell, Sam Bourne. Even Dan Brown's nice.
7 I guess coz I like their books.
8 Refer to 2.
9 Refer to 3.
10 Both. But I definitely read more English than Bengali.
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ARATRIKA []Sunday, January 30, 2011 5:04:31 AM
Whatever i can lay my hands on, and each one is my favourite.
i like all kind of books.
I cannot explain that...I am sorry!
well, as for books i do not hate any...but the works of chetan bhagat do not suit my taste.
perhaps because of my age...
all authors are my favourite, because like their works.
Favourite book? tough question..."king lear".
i like it because I like it.
Both. Each is as interesting than the other.
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ARATRIKA []Sunday, February 6, 2011 7:17:13 AM
so, you are a twihard, eh, Ramyani? Well, Baisakhi didi's twilight fanclub will heartily welcome you; unless you are already there.
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ANWAY []Tuesday, February 8, 2011 10:31:13 PM
I especially like books written by Enid Blyton and Feluda series and short stories by Satyajit Ray.Read bengali books to develop the language skill.
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