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tricky riddles
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ARATRIKA []Saturday, February 18, 2012 8:13:08 AM
sorry, aatreyee, i am not able to solve this
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AATREYEE []Sunday, February 19, 2012 8:46:59 PM
Hi, Aratrika di....
sorry to hear that....
let some more answers come in, then i'll tell the answers.

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AATREYEE []Wednesday, February 22, 2012 10:23:50 PM
fine, i'll have to give the answer: KITTEN
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ARATRIKA []Thursday, February 23, 2012 11:33:05 PM
@aatreyee: good one!
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AATREYEE []Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2:25:18 AM
thank you. i made it up myself!
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AATREYEE []Sunday, March 4, 2012 6:55:34 PM
another one coming up.....
who is the person, who delivers letters and telegrams, but is not a postman?
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MOUBANI []Monday, May 21, 2012 5:21:09 AM
Is it a postwoman?
I'm not sure.
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AATREYEE []Wednesday, June 27, 2012 7:08:17 AM
I'm sorry, Moubani didi...i made it up many days ago...forgot the answer myself!!
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RISHAV []Sunday, August 12, 2012 3:50:43 AM
can you tell which animal walks on four legs in morning,
two legs in afternoon and three legs in night. If you know the answers please give reasons.
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ARATRIKA []Wednesday, August 15, 2012 3:40:17 AM
A Man. In childhood (morning), he crawls on all four limbs. in his youth (afternoon), he is supported by two legs. and in the night, i. e. old age, he leans on his legs AND A STICK.
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AATREYEE []Sunday, September 16, 2012 11:51:06 PM
now solve this-
how many eggs does a peacock lay? :D
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ARATRIKA []Monday, October 1, 2012 11:06:13 PM
A peacock does not lay eggs...a peahen does.
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AKSHITA []Sunday, October 7, 2012 3:06:46 AM
Can anyone tell me this:
I am dead; I live in a haunted castle; I love to stay in dark; But I don't eat or scare people because I was myself a person once; And I am not a ghost.

Remember this and answer:"THE ANSWER IS NOT GHOST"
Let's c who cn give me the answer
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AATREYEE []Sunday, October 7, 2012 10:33:05 PM
@Akshita- vampire??
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AKSHITA []Tuesday, October 9, 2012 7:09:14 AM
Oops! You missed one point @ Aatreyee. I told that the answer does'nt eat people. But vampire drinks blood of people. Guess, its rather easy. Ok, I'll give you another clue. Just think what happpens to us after being dead.
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AATREYEE []Tuesday, October 9, 2012 10:46:21 PM
@Akshita- i'm not able to solve this... :(
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AKSHITA []Thursday, October 11, 2012 9:10:05 AM
Okay, so... can anybody else solve it other than Aatreyee???
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MOUBANI []Saturday, October 13, 2012 2:33:13 AM
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KINGSHUK []Saturday, October 13, 2012 2:38:27 PM
Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.
What is it?
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AKSHITA []Sunday, October 14, 2012 12:18:09 AM
You are absolutely right!@Moubani Didi
I would certainly like to meet you when I go in SPHS. Pls do post your section and session.
Btw your one is a quite tricky@ Kingshuk Dada
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