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First day in High School
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RITWIKA []Friday, February 11, 2011 11:07:58 PM
Please write a very short essay about first day in High School those whose are in class 6 and 7. Mine is--
I went to High School the first day and saw a big crowd gathered in front of the school. Then I have to search for my friends and got to the class by our class teacher. She gave us routine and the list of books we have to bring everyday. Then we went to the auditorium and listened to Principal Aunty's lecture. After that we again came down for our chemistry class. I liked her a lot because she can teach carefully.Then there is our value education class. That's our free period because the teacher was absent that day! Then that's the most wonderful period. That was tiffin break! I do not eat tiffin so I played with friends. The next period was our maths period. The teacher taught us Algebra and then asked some questions individually. Then was our bengali period. Most boring! After 35 minutes we have biology. I have a great interest in biology. so...
Next we have hist. I like history also but not much. I liked my first day in school and wrote a big essay in my personal diary.
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ANWAY []Saturday, February 12, 2011 10:36:59 AM
As I went to the school gate for the first time,it was a little late.There was a big crowd at the gate and i struggled very much to get in.I went to the classroom.From there me and my classmates went to the auditorium to listen the Principal's speech.we returned to class.For the whole day I enjoyed the classes and met some of my teachers.At first I was a little scared.But as time passed the suggestions and care given to me returned my courage.At last we are the Pointers and we should have the Courage To Know.
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