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SWASTIK []Wednesday, February 15, 2012 6:19:55 AM
What is 'truth'? Well,it is something that you may call 'undefined' !! For the last few years,i had been thinking that this 'GOD' is nothing but a mere fluke.There is a great controversy between physics and philosophy on this topic 'GOD'.Knowledge is so very simple,but yet it is not so easy.Knowledge does not bring fulfillment.It increases the thirst or hunger for that Truth.Just think.........look up at the sky on a dark night.What can u see? The answer is: Nothing. Well we call it the 'sky'. But have you ever thought what this 'sky' is? It is just aname given to the infinite.Look up at the sky and let your imagination go on and on..........think that you are travelling through the space for days after days,months after months,years after years. And still you are going. There is no end!! It can never happen that somewhere you will go and hit the bounds of the universe,like someone hitting the wall.Feel the space,the universe,the sound of consciousness,the emptiness.Feel yourself,feel God. The path is very long-the goal is in every moment;the goal is where you are.You are the path,the goal and the seeker.Nothing is defined in this whole universe. Take the example of Sun......we all know that constant nuclear fusion is taking place there. But how exactly did it start happening? How did the eight planets come into existence? What is gravity? Why is it that everything works on the 3 laws of Newton? What is the absolute fundamental particle of matter which are even smaller than electrons,protons and neutrons?And is the fundamental thing is energy,then can't we say that every matter is a source of energy?What is the universe? Is it infinite or not? What is GOD?....................Well the answer is,that nothing is actually defined !! All that is precious in life is secret-Love is a secret.Life is a secret.The world is a secret. Your feelings,emotions are a secret. You are the biggest secret. But look,yet everything exists.There is sun,there is life,there is the universe.It all exists.This is nothing but FAITH !! GOD is nothing but a code-name. The real meaning of it is faith,believe,existence.The way the Divine works is impossible to understand.It is so deep,so mysterious;and yet,it is the very new.But don't think Divine is something supernatural-it is very natural.You can live God.You can be God.But you cannot "see" God,you cannot perceive God as an object.God is---Generator,Operator,Destroyer. The code-name of faith,emptiness,infinity,life and love is 'GOD'.Truth is the feelings that makes you divine.And when you
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AATREYEE []Wednesday, February 15, 2012 6:59:10 PM
this is true....everything u have written here..
did u compose it on ur own?
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