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what are you up to in the summer vacation????????
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SAYANTAN []Sunday, May 17, 2009 1:43:39 AM
i will primarily study- all the subjects . i will learn them by heart .aren't i am getting too studious, i think so . i will also play a good role of a vagabond, wandering about perhaps everywhere . i will play my latest playstation {sony 3} . listen to music and play with my friends. i may go to some of my friends house . i will have a great treat of jamaishasthi{not of mine of course}at my grand mothers house . then again going to the same point --STUDY--since the earth is round and we come back to the same point. the units are knocking at the doors. if i dont study , my ears will be disabled. you should be thinking how? my parents will make it by shouting at their top voice. wwhhaatt are you doing in the summers???????????friends.
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SIDDHARTHA []Wednesday, May 20, 2009 2:28:54 AM
just having a nice vacassssssssssssssssion i am not feeling lk study bt ..........oh god, i have to.
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Topic what are you up to in the summer vacation????????
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