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Proud to be a Pointer
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ANOUSHKA []Monday, June 30, 2014 11:17:12 AM
being a pointer..i am just thinking about the life 40 years later.then i will be sitting in my couch and will be recalling my golden memories with south point and the i played prank on them......the guardian call..the interhouse competition..the marvellous functions...all will be my life time memories . i think school is the best moment of one's life. here you can make true friends.I LOVE MY SCHOOL VERY MUCH..And i will always remember the words.."COURAGE TO KNOW" AND WE THE POINTERS PROMISES TO HELP EACH OTHER...I THANKS ALL THE TEACHER AND OUR PRINCIPAL,RUPA AUNTY, TO MAKE THIS UNIQUE PRESENTATION AND MAKING US BACK WITH THE HELP OF THE TIME MACHINE-TIME CAPSULE AND RECALL MY GOLDEN DAYS AFTER 40 YEARS
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Topic Proud to be a Pointer
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