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School Transport
School Bus Route Locator
  South Point School

The School has a fleet of 12 buses which may be utilised by students for commuting to and from School. The buses have their fixed routes and will not go into narrow roads. Pupils, then, must board the bus at the given location on the main road. The School authorities do not accept responsibility for the safety of the children before the bus picks them up or after it drops them or for any unforeseen accidents en route. The School encourages availing of one-way bus services on a regular basis (for the Morning session for coming to School only and for the Afternoon session for going back from the School only). Those interested may enquire at the School Office. The system of immediate allotment of bus seats has now been introduced for all classes.

Transport Contact No:
Bus No. Mobile No. Bus No. Mobile No.


8. 97489-71843


9. 97489-71844


10. 97489-71845










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  Rules and Conditions of School Bus Service
  Car Pool
  The School does not normally encourage the use of car pool as a means of transport due to the inherent risks involved, including the possibility of a child getting lost. As car pool attendants take charge of the student with parents’ authorisation, parents/guardians must submit a written declaration exempting the School from all accompanying hazards.

It is often noticed that persons authorised to collect students for car pools do not do so on time. Hence, children often loiter in School and sometimes tend to slip out of the gate with others. In view of the grave consequences of such incidents, the School will be compelled to detain such students if they are not collected within fifteen minutes of the scheduled time and ask for their collection by respective guardians.
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  South Point High School

School bus facility is available for both ways for students of Classes VI to VIII. One-way facility is provided to Classes IX to XII if seats are available. During Half- Yearly/Annual Examination it may not be possible to accommodate Classes IX to XII students.

While the School is responsible for allotment of bus facilities, the responsibility during the journey rests on the transporter. School ensures that the buses use the routes determined, collect and drop pupils from and at fixed points. The buses will not go into narrow roads. The School authorities do not accept responsibility for transport of students, in accidental breakdowns, sudden absence of staff etc despite due care and attention. We, of course, hope that such cases are few and far between.

At first bus facilities will be provided to those students availing of it in the previous academic year. If there are vacancies, others will be accommodated on a first-come-first-served basis. Morning students will be collected in the first trip of the day and dropped after classes are over. In the second trip, Afternoon students are brought to School and dropped home after classes get over. Those interested may enquire at the School Office.

  Rules and Conditions of School Bus Service
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