CBSE National Competition

The CBSE NATIONAL CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP was held at Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, New Delhi from 08/11/2019 to 13/11/2019. Our U/14 Boys, U/17 Boys & U/19 Boys Team had qualified to take part in this Championship.


In the U/19 Mixed Individual Championship Aronyak Ghosh of Class – XF (M) won the Gold Medal and in the U/19 Boys’ Team event South Point High School won the Bronze Medal.

The CBSE NATIONAL TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP was held at R. R. Public School, Bijnoor, U.P from 09/11/2019 to 14/11/2019. Priyakshi Roy of Class – X (M) took part in the U/19 Individual Category.

The U/14 Boys’ Team won 2 consecutive matches against the Champion School Team of Gulf Region and the Champion School Team of South Zone.

In the Individual Championship Swastik Dey of Class – VIII B (A) and Priyakshi Roy of Class – X G (M) won a match each.

In the U/14 Mixed Doubles Category Parijat Dwary of Class – VII H (M) won Bronze Medal.

The CBSE NATIONAL SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIP was held at Gyanganga International School, Bhopal from 11/11/2019 to 16/11/2019.

A total of 10 pupils (5 Boys & 5 Girls) had qualified for the tournament, in U/17 and U/19 categories.