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Name : Twilight of Splendor ISBN No: 0-8065-2464-2
Subject : History
Author: King, Gregory
Description : The first comprehensive look at the court of Britain's longest-reigning monarch Royalty and the Victorian era are perennially captivating subjects for readers. "Twilight of Splendor" features both, with unprecedented coverage of the people, pageantry, and power of Queen Victoria's court. Beginning with the Queen's 1897 Diamond Jubilee, the book moves back in time to describe her long reign. From the queen's family relationships and daily life to her palaces and holiday retreats, it paints a revealing portrait of a unique ruler at the height of empire. Gregory King (Everett, WA) is the author of the British bestseller "The Duchess of Windsor: The Uncommon Life of Wallis Simpson" (ISBN: 0-8065-2464-2), "The Court of the Last Tsar" (ISBN: 0-471-72763-6), and "The Fate of the Romanovs" (ISBN: 0-471-20768-3). He has appeared as an on-screen commentator for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, and A&E.Windsor. Chapter 2. A Family on the Throne. Chapter 3. The Court of St. James. Chapter 4. Spring at Windsor. Chapter 5. A Day in the Life. Chapter 6. Life Below Stairs. Chapter 7. The Wayward Heir. Chapter 8. Autumn at Balmoral. Chapter 9. The Russian Invasion. Chapter 10. Christmas at Osbourne. Chapter 11. Easter in France. Chapter 12. Summer at Buckingham Palace. Chapter 13. A Day at Buckingham Palace. Chapter 14. A Night at Devonshire House. Chapter 15. Triumph. Epilogue. Appendix. Bibliography.
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