Pupils of Class XI J were taken to the Science City on Thursday, November 21, 2019 to attend a seminar and to visit the Vigyan Samagam exhibition. The seminar and the exhibition have been organized to make young motivated students aware about the role of India in several international mega science projects like Large Hadron Collider of CERN, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), Square Kilometre Array telescope, India based Neutrino Observatory (INO), Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR), Laser Interferrometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO), and to inspire them to choose research as a future career.

Compression Only Life Support (COLS) workshop to learn the techniques of CPR was held for the pupils of some sections of Class XI on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 in the school auditorium.

The representative of KREA University, Andhra Pradesh, spoke about the various courses including the inter-disciplinary ones they offer and the admission process. About 100 pupils of Classes XI and XII attended the programme.

Pupils of Classes XI & XII participated in Jaco Logiq, a Tech Fest organised by St. James School on Friday, November 22, 2019 at their School Premises. The students participated in various events. They secured the 1st position in Pixel.