Biennial Art & Craft Exhibition

The Biennial Art & Craft Exhibition of South Point was held at South Point School on December 21, 22 & 23, 2017. The inauguration ceremony on December 21, 2018 began with an invocation and School song sung by the pupils of South Point High School. This was followed by a welcome address delivered by Mrs. D.K. Chadda, Principal, South Point School and a brief speech given by the Chief Guest, Debabrata Chakraborty, the eminent painter and sculptor.

The highlights of the Exhibition was paintings, models and craft work presented by pupils of Classes VI to XII in addition to subject based projects. Sketches, murals, painted pots, lamp shades, embellished candles, relief paintings, decorative trunks, painted vases, decorative mirrors and utility boxes were on display.

Projects and Demonstrations on subject based topics involving senior students was a significant segment of the exhibition. This year the Department of History showcased the Mughal era in all its splendor. Sociology presented an interesting and informative project on the changing form of social media. The students of Political Science however threw light upon the working of the Indian Democracy and the challenges it faces. Judiciary’s role in women’s empowerment was the focus of the project presented by the Department of Legal Studies. The Department of Geography drew our attention to the six natural regions of the world.

The Bengali Project highlighted the immense contribution of Abanindranath Tagore to Bengali culture and literature. “Hindi Sahitya mein Ras-vyanjna” was the project topic for the department of Hindi. Christ’s Nativity is the single most important event in the West to have inspired creative minds in art and literature for generations. English Department had spread goodwill and Christmas cheer through their project “A Literary Christmas”

The Commerce Department presented separate projects under the heads – Business Studies, Accountancy and Entrepreneurship. Topics such as Industry, Trade & Commerce, GST and Women Entrepreneurs of India were the subjects of this year’s projects. Demonetization and the problems of turning India into a cashless economy was the highlight of the project put up by the Department of Economics.

Illusions, Dreams and Freud were the focal points of what was put on view by the Department of Psychology. Breaking a few myths about “mental illnesses” was also an objective of this year’s presentation. Students studying Sociology outlined the importance of Mass Media in today’s world.

The section devoted to Mathematics traced the history of Mathematics in India from Ancient to modern times while Polymers and search for Biopolymers was the subject of the Chemistry Project. Through models and charts the Department of Biology reminded us that there was a long journey before a human being became a human. Will mankind evolve into cyborgkind is the question that needs an answer. The use of Computer Science in creating special effects in movies was showcased by students studying the subject while the Physics Department showcased innovative experiments and ideas generated by senior students on various subjects.

To add another quotient to the already animated atmosphere, there was a mixed bag of on-stage events showcasing the various co-curricular activities that pupils of the school are being trained in.