The following pupils from our School in different categories have been selected by the District Council for School Games & Sports (South Kolkata) for the State School Competitions to be held in the month of September 2019 in West Bengal:

Basketball (U/14 – Junior Girls) Ragini Aron VI A (M)
Karate (U/19 – Boys) Subhayu Sadhukhan XI J
Karate ((U/19 – Girls) Didhiti Paul XI F
Swimming (U/14 – Boys) Aryan Das VI E (M)
Swimming (U/14 – Girls) Prathama Biswas VII F (A)
Swimming (U/17 – Boys) Eshan Roy IX F (M)
Pratik Roy IX E (A)
Soumik Datta Mazumder X F (M)
Swimming (U/17 – Girls) Sreeja Kar X C (A)
Swimming (U/19 – Boys) Soumya Mallick X C (M)
Mayukh Sarkar XII D (M)
Yoga (Boys) Debargha Sarkar VI G (M)
Gymnastics (Girls) Disha Paul VII H (M)
Judo (Boys) Ayush Chakraborty VI G (A)
Table Tennis (Boys) Parijat Dwary VII H (M)
Table Tennis (Girls) Priyakshi Roy X G (M)