M P Birla Scholarship, 2019-2020

Interviews for M P Birla Scholarship will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. The following candidates are to appear for an interview along with both parents at the time mentioned against their names. The progress reports, birth certificate and other certificates pertaining to extra curricular activities must be produced at the time of the interview.

Name Section ID No Time
Class III
Debarya Manna III D (A) 15-1860 11.00 am
Mayesha Mondal III C (M) 14-0121 11.00 am
Arja Dasgupta III B (M) 14-0048 11.00 am
Class IV
Asmita Das IV D (M) 13-0247 11.30 am
Sneha Chakraborty IV A (A) 13-0158 11.30 am
Sreebas Dey IV A (M) 13-0042 11.30 am
Class V
Sreeja Basu V A (M) 12-0321 12.00 noon
Rahul Ghosh V E (M) 12-0350 12.00 noon
Adrika Choudhuri V A (M) 12-0179 12.00 noon

Sd/- D K Chadda