The fourth inter-house competition (Debate)

The fourth inter-house competition (Debate) was held on January 17, 2018. Eighteen children (three from each House) participated in this. Nine children spoke for the motion, ‘Students Fly on the Wings of Books, not Gadgets’ and nine spoke against. The moderator for this event was Ms Hasnu Mukherjee. The contest was judged by Ms A. C. Ray, Ms S. Rajalakshmi and Ms Tamali Ghosh.

The results are as follows:–

  • Sourya Paul – V D (Morning) – 1st  position
  • Swastik Roy – V B (Morning) – 1st position 
  • Riddhi Senapati – V D (Morning) – 3rd position
  • Akshat Singh – V F (Afternoon) – 3rd position
  • Saptarshi Halder – V D (Morning) – 3rd position

The House positions are:–

  • Derozio House – 1st
  • Ashutosh Mukherjee House – 2nd
  • Sister Nivedita House – 3rd