Art & Craft Exhibition

The Biennial Exhibition was inaugurated by Sri Wasim Kapoor, the noted painter, on Thursday, January 16, 2020 and continued till Saturday, January 18, 2020. Pupils of all Classes took part in demonstrating their creativity across different subjects through posters, models and art-works.

  • The highlights of the Exhibition were paintings, models and craft work presented by pupils of Classes VI to XII in addition to subject based projects.

  • The main attraction of the Art and Craft Exhibition were the variety of handcrafted items such as wooden wall hanging and bookshelves, created from broken benches and other used pieces of furniture. Folders made of recycled material, key rings, table runners and colourful envelopes were the other attractive items on display. Painted umbrellas and madhubani painting on dupattas added colour and variety. Canvas bags andbackpacks, cushion covers and wooden plates were the other creative exhibits. Fountains made of recycled materials were aesthetically presented too.

  • ‘Water water everywhere….drop by drop we paint’ was the theme of the exhibition this year for the English department. They tried to portray how water has become the life force of many a literary output in English. They followed the journey of water as it touched and enriched the poetic sensibilities and the philosophical musings of some of the finest poets and litterateurs across the globe.

  • The Chemistry Exhibition focused on the greatest concern of today’s society – “recycling and waste management”. This journey traverses through the elementary world of chemistry celebrating 150th year of Periodic Table (2019) and experiences the fascinating world of chemistry – its colour and vigour.

  • Biology Department’s project focused on endangered species and the need for their conservation.

  • The works of great writers from Priyanath Mukhopadhyay, Panchkari De, Hemendra Kumar Roy to Satyajit Ray, Byomkesh Bakshi, Syed Mustafa Siraj and others were showcased by the Bengali department in order to uphold the popularity of detective fiction.

  • The department of Physics had diverse themes ranging from demonstrations of sustained irrigation system, magnetic levitation, demonstration of optical experiments, launchers, miniature working models of some daily use household devises, astronomy etc.

  • The History Project depicted the horrors of war through ages with special emphasis on the world between the two World Wars. The Project had also focused on the peace efforts both institutional and philosophicalthat followed the wars. The objective was to spread the message of brotherhood and tolerance.

  • The topic chosen by the Hindi department was ‘Water’. Thus, the project not only had literary importance, but also it sensitized everyone to the importance of water.

  • The topic for the Political Science exhibition was Globalization. The students have tried to portray the various aspects, benefits and consequences of Globalization.

  • In Legal Studies the Consumer Protection Acts and working of the consumer courts were highlighted.

  • The Sociology Project highlighted markets which are social institutions that are constructed in culturally specific ways. For example, markets are often controlled or organised by particular social groups or classes, and have specific connections to other institutions, social processes and structures.

  • The topic of the Geography department was ‘Diverse Features of our country (India). Its main purpose was to highlight the diverse geography of India. The idea that India has become stronger by welcoming various cultural, social and ethnic elements was reflected in the models, charts and artefacts.

  • Mathematics department highlighted the use of Mathematics in Architecture and mainly focused on Ancient Indian, Greek, Islamic, European, Mayan as well as Modern Architectures.

  • The Psychology department highlighted Mental Health issues faced by students. The Computer section demonstrated various applications of audio-processing of Computer.

  • To add another quotient to the already animated atmosphere, there was a mixed bag of on-stage events showcasing the various co-curricular activities that pupils of the school are being trained in.

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