The Smart Edge!

The classrooms at South Point School are simply too good to resist. Converted to Smart Class rooms from Classes II to V with multiple display systems such as computers, audiovisual aids, interactive boards and plasma display devices, they make learning and teaching a highly enjoyable multi-sensory experience for both pupils and teachers. The trained faculty uses digital content on a daily basis, thus making the topics of the curriculum vibrant with graphics, animations and video clips.

Little Pointers of Transition and Class I attend interesting audiovisual classes where Power Point presentations of topics from EVS, General Science and Arithmetic make the pages of their textbooks come alive. They enjoy every bit of it.

The Mindspark programme has been introduced in Classes II, III and IV to improve the pupils’ understanding of mathematical concepts. They have access to tablets through which trained teachers help them solve sums in a playway method.

virtual class


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only resulted in the closure of educational institutions worldwide; it has suddenly changed the face of education. Instead of getting ready for school, teachers and students everywherewoke up one morning and … stayed home. But that morning actually ushered in a new era of learning where online or virtual classes arrived as the new model in education.

Always ready to adapt to changing times, South Point, this time too, is nurturing a perfect correlation among students, teachers and parents, keeping the fundamental principles of schooling in mind. The teaching-learning processthus goes on unhindered in a new sphere of virtual classes, engaging hands-on activities, audiovisual aids, lectures, worksheets, assignmentsand evaluation. The South Point faculty hasreinforced their reaching-out skills with the latest technology, effective lesson plans and evolving strategies. Like every day earlier, they are committed to providing quality education, while navigating a new reality.

To make the leap to virtual teaching successful, South Point School teachers ensure that online classes turn out to be stimulating, lively and interactive for all the children from Nursery I to Class V. For Nursery I and II children, saying “Good Morning” and the School prayeras well as learning punctuality and sitting quietly during e-classes play a key role, as do storytelling with PPTs and videos with voiceovers by teachers, introduction to alphabet, numbers and new words, interactive comprehension sessions, and music,colouringand pattern writing assignment uploads. Audiovisual aids, engaging storytelling and structured uploads of music, drawing and craft assignments appeal to all classes. Vernacular and EVS are introduced gradually to Transition children while time is set aside for interaction with teachers. Class I lessons integrateaudiovisual aids, life skill concepts, storytellingas well aswritten work. For Classes II to V, teachers supplement lessons with well-crafted teaching aids, interactive Q&A sessions, brain teasers, innovative PPTs and integrated exercises on language,grammar, comprehension, creative writing skills, General Science and Social Studies. Regular uploads of physical education lessons for Transition to Class IV and karate lessons for Classes II to V blend fitness with the daily routine.While home assignments for all classes are uploaded on the School app, parts of the content-to-be-taught are also uploaded for everyonein advance.

The South Point High School facultysees to it that the teaching-learning process goes on in full steam through virtual classes.Initially, lessons were uploaded on the School website and studentswere set weekly tasks. It was soon decided that virtual classes should be introduced to ensure a more comprehensive teaching-learning transaction. Teachers trained, enhanced their skills and adapted themselves to take on the challenge.Virtual classes commenced in April and are being conducted by a large section of the faculty across all departments. A total of 90 to 100 lessons are conducted for each class every week from Monday to Saturday. PPTs and slides are used to keep the students engaged during the e-lessons of one hour each. An interactive session at the end of each class is the norm andthe pupils are also permitted to place their queries using the chat option. Assignments and a gist of the week’s lessons are sent to them too. Teachers regularly and thoroughly evaluate all assignments received and give feedback through mail. There is a plan to augment the number of classes and use the School app to conduct quizzes to assess pupils’ performance.

The teacher-student connect in South Point thus reaches a new platform – strengthened by admirable efforts from teachers and exceptional response from students. Disruptive times have not put their worlds on hold; what made them a dynamic combination in School classrooms make them even more so in e-classrooms.


While coping with the prolonged COVID-induced lockdown, South Point ensures that its students make the best of digital versions of usual school activities, while staying at home. To facilitate the process, School has launched “Skolaro”, the mobile app/ portal after thorough testing and trials.It allows School administrators and teachers to communicate effectively with parents and students about upcoming assignments and share attendance information, homework, important notices, useful links, videos and photos, School calendar and messages, and especially links and routines for the ongoing virtual classes.Parents can download and view fee receipts, report cards and make online fee payments. New features of the app will be introduced soon. “Skolaro” can be downloaded from Google Play/Apple Store. The parent portal can be accessed by visiting and clicking on “Login”. South Point High School students can use their own log-in credentials onthe app/portal, primarily to send back assignments to their teachers as well as to take quizzes etc. The “Skolaro” platform is certainly enhancing the virtual classroom experience for all Pointers.

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South Point has a most vibrant presence on Facebook. The South Point School and South Point High School pages serve as an additional channel of connecting with teachers, parents as well as pupils. The pages are rich in attractive and prompt updates;visuals, videos and chats;interesting information, inputs and feedback on School happenings;topical, creative and interactive content abounding in variety; as well as networking with the alumni. South Point’s presence on Facebook is one that forges stronger relationships among all stakeholders. On a wider and a more engagingplatform.


Instituted by Madhav Prasad Priyamvada Birla
Apex Charitable Trust

The Priyamvada Birla Scholarship will be awarded every year, starting from 2013, to meritorious students belonging to the low income group, pursuing their studies in under-graduate courses in Colleges and Institutes in West Bengal on Merit cum Means Basis.

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