Foundation Day Celebration

1st April, 2018 was the 65th Foundation Day of South Point School. To celebrate the occasion, children of all classes will be treated to ice-cream on 10.04.2018.

Each child must bring a napkin.

Notice for Class II – Mindspark

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Mindspark is an adaptive e-learning programme which was introduced in the year 2016-2017. It helps students improve their understanding of Mathematical concepts. It provides an active learning environment for the students by teaching through questions. It not only adapts to each individual child’s learning pace and understanding but also helps teachers and parents to review their performance online. The programme is integrated with the school curriculum and is delivered in the classrooms through wi-fi enabled tablet devices with an option to access the programme at home also through desktop and other mobile devices.

How Mindspark helps a student

  • Fosters a culture of self-paced independent learning
  • Provides a 1:1 student teacher ratio through the programme
  • Focuses on understanding and analytical thinking
  • Learn at his/her pace through Games /Activities
  • Provides instant and detailed feedback based on student response

Guidelines for using Mindspark at home

For home usage the website address is

Help your child to select the topic being taught in class and activated by the teacher. The child should now start solving the sums given by Mindspark.

  • Make sure the child reads the explanations given after every wrong answer and tries to use the explanation to answer the next question.
  • The Challenge Question should also be solved by the child himself. He will get a second chance to answer it, if it is incorrect.
  • A Timed Test is a test of speed and accuracy. If the child gets 80% or above, then the test will not be given to him again.
  • After the session of Mindspark a Progress Report will be given. The question number is hyperlinked. The child should go back to the questions that he could not answer correctly and make sure he understands the concept.
  • Your ward should do Mindspark from home only for 20 minutes everyday without any help from adults.
  • Students can access deactivated topics at home. This allows them to redo their favourite topics or work on topics that they were not able to complete in class.
  • The child’s progress can be checked from time to time through the reports generated by Mindspark.

We have noticed that this programme is helping our students in comprehending Arithmetic in an easier and better way especially in their formative years of academic learning.

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,
(D K Chadda)