CHEER UP – help is at hand!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life of young students in such a manner that many are unhappy and even frustrated. They are missing out on important years of their school life. Staying at home continuously, attending on-line classes, missing out on social activities including the fun in the classroom and the playground, they have become exhausted. They are uncertain about their future. They may be grieving a close family member lost due to the pandemic.

Are you such a young student in Kolkata who is finding it difficult mentally to cope with the COVID pandemic? Are you scared and lonely? There is help at hand.

Crystal Minds, Kolkata in association with South Point High School brings you “Cheer Up”, an opportunity to reach out to someone who will listen to you and guide you. This comes at no cost and is available to all school students, not only those at South Point.

All you have to do is send a message on WhatsApp to 8910963680 (9 am – 1.30 pm) or 7439715358 (1.30 pm – 6 pm) with your issues and your request will be registered. You can speak out about your COVID-related concerns, fears and anxieties to the certified Counsellor or Psychologist who will call you back.

Whether you are 8 or 18, you can seek help with the assurance of complete confidentiality. We care for you and want you to regain your mental strength. Please inform about this to any child you know who may need such a service. This is available till June 23, 2021.

Oxy Point, a scheme to provide rent-free oxygen concentrators

South Point Ex-students’ Association (ASPEXS) presents Oxy Point, a scheme to provide rent-free oxygen concentrators for emergency use by ex-students, teachers and other staff of South Point and their family members.
For scheme details, visit To book call/whatsapp on and from 3rd June 2021 –
Prasun (1982) 98310 29151;
Kappiil (1987) 98311 19821;
Haimanti (1991) 98313 97848;
Adhijit (2000) 98311 40597;
Srinjoy (2010) 90514 11739
We appeal for contribution to this scheme so that the number of machines can be increased and we are better prepared for the future. All donations are exempt u/s 80G. Click on to contribute
Our Covid-19 test swab collection facility at the South Point School premises in association with Thyrocare remains operational between 9.30 am and 2 pm every day. Priced at Rs 500, reports are available by end of next day.